Our team evolved from an asset management research department that has years of experience in quantitative back-testing techniques, fundamental research on various global equity markets, economies, industries, and companies. We have a deep and broad skillset that underpin the services we offer.

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Outsourcing Services

Our team of software developers and data scientists have a broad range of programming skills and experience that can assist in short or long-term client directed projects.

Our skills include:

  • Java, R, Python, C++, .Net, SQL DB, NoSQL, Spark
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Database development, big data processing and API delivery tools
  • Quant signal generation, and model back-testing
Data Gathering and Custom Analytics

Being located in Vietnam we have the luxury of having a large, young and educated labor pool in our backyard. We can quickly assemble a team to handle large scale manual data entry requests and utilize our technology skills to find, extract, curate, and analyze datasets regardless of size or structure.

Data Gathering Services:

  • Manual data entry
  • Web scraping and custom api tool

Custom Analytics:

  • Database and platform delivery
  • Quantitative model and signal building and back-testing
  • Risk modeling and portfolio optimization
  • Customized financial index creation
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Independent Investment Equity Research

Our team of CFA trained research analysts offer written equity research with debiased methodologies on economies, industries and individual companies in Emerging and Frontier Markets.

Services Offered:

  • Economic, industry and company profiles and analysis
  • Financial model preparation and analysis
  • Independent risk assessment
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Interested in becoming a part of our team?

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DB Methods is looking for exceptional talent in Vietnam.

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