“Information is power,” is a cliché for good reason. Investment firms with actively managed investment funds spend billions of dollars each year seeking an informational edge through investment research. Paradoxically, passively managed funds spend zero dollars on investment research, yet have a long track record of comparatively superior returns with lower costs. Either information has lost its muscle, or more likely, the majority of today’s investment research has become impotent.

If active fund managers want to retain their two thirds market share of global assets, then investment research must take an evolutionary step forward.

Fortunately, the necessary ingredients for achieving this goal are available. Society is in the midst of data revolution. Firstly, technical advances in computing power have enabled rapid predictive analysis. Secondly, the emergence of behavior finance pioneered by the work of psychologists Amos Tversky and Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman has shown humans are ill equipped to handle decisions involving complex relationships, especially in today’s globally connected world.

Recognizing and understanding these two change agents are the stepping stones for next generation investment research and decision making. The benefits of utilizing today’s computer processing power have enormous potential. It enables “connecting-the-dots” among vast arrays of interrelated data sets. That is, the machine to human data processing ratio is so extreme, rational predictions and decisions never possible in the past are now reality.

It is the basis of DB Solutions’ modern approach to serving our customers.

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