We are a Vietnam based data-driven research company that combines forty years of collective institutional portfolio management experience among its founders with the large, young and technologically talented labor pool of Vietnam.

With a population of 90 million, Vietnam ranks 8th out of 72 countries in scientific performance, 22nd in math and 32nd in literacy.

Our unique roots as investment managers distinguishes us from the wave of new data scientists now focused on financial markets. We understand the informational challenges and inherent biases of investment decision making, but also recognize the context and practical limitations of applying modern data science to overcome them.

“ We strive to produce the highest quality product, putting Vietnam at the forefront as a world-class source for next generation investment research and analytics.”

Sean Wilson, CEO
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Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson is the CEO and co-founder of DB Methods. Prior to starting DB Methods, he was a Principal and Chief Investment Officer of LR Global. During his tenure at LR Global he oversaw the investment strategy of the LR Global Frontier Fund, built its investment process and established its Hanoi based research center of global fundamental and quantitative analysts.

He began his career as Quantitative Analyst and Foreign Exchange Trader at Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co, (GMO). After a two-year period with Phoenix Investment Council as International Equity Analyst, he joined Rockefeller & Co. as Global Equity Analyst and was subsequently made Managing Director, where his responsibilities included Director of Research and Portfolio Manager. Before joining LR Global, he was Senior Portfolio Manager at Columbia Management Group with several billion dollars under management.

Mr. Wilson is deeply familiar with financial market bubbles and downturns. He managed a Japanese portfolio after the Japanese bubble in the early 1990s, an international portfolio during the currency crisis of the late 1990s, a U.S. portfolio during the information technology bubble of the early 2000s, and a Frontier Markets portfolio during the financial crisis of 2008. The breadth and depth of his experience has been instrumental in recognizing the importance of quantitative analytical tools to identify market mispricing anomalies, the need to calibrate forecasts and the importance of removing biases in decision making.

Mr. Wilson received his B.S. in Finance from Northeastern University in 1990 and is a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder.

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Ha Ta
Director of Research

Ha Ta, M.S. is the Director of Research and co-founder of DB Methods. A Vietnamese native, Mr. Ta leads DB Methods’ team of data scientists and software developers.

Prior to DB Methods, he was the Head of Quantitative Research for LR Global. Here he managed LR Global’s Hanoi office, directing the development and maintenance of the firm’s proprietary quantitative models, Frontier Market’s investment database and research portal.

Mr. Ta leverages his knowledge of mathematics, statistics and programming skills to meet the challenges inherent in identifying capital market mis-pricing anomalies within large datasets. He has extensive experience with building tailored research, portfolio management and risk assessment tools.

Mr. Ta received a B.S. in Mathematics and Economics, cum laude, from Truman State University, and an M.S. in Financial Mathematics from King’s College, University of London.

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