Who We Are

DB Methods is a Vietnam based data science company which began operating in March 2017. With its historical roots as a pioneer in bringing institutional research to Frontier Markets, DBM has the skillset and cost structure essential for providing advanced analytical capabilities at a compelling value for its clients.

We’re dedicated to providing asset managers and investment researchers with customized tools and tailored analysis, incorporating debiasing methodologies at their core.

Our services
DBM offers software development and research services depending on the needs of its clients.
Outsourcing Services
Our team of software developers and data scientists have a broad range of programming skills and experience that can assist in short or ...
Data Gathering and Custom Analytics
Being located in Vietnam we have the luxury of having a large, young and educated labor pool in our backyard. We can quickly assemble a team to ...
Independent Investment Equity Research
Our team of CFA trained research analysts offer written equity research with debiased methodologies on economies, industries and ...

Next generation investment research
and decision making

Investment firms with actively managed investment funds spend billions of dollars each year seeking an informational edge through investment research. Paradoxically, passively managed funds spend zero dollars on investment research.

If active fund managers want to retain their two thirds market share of global assets, then investment research must take an evolutionary step forward.

Find out more about the necessary ingredients for achieving this goal..

What makes us different
40 years of institutional
investment experience
Large and talented
labor pool in our backyard
Big data analysis and
advanced quantitative skills
Affordable service
with in-house quality
Interested in becoming a part of our team?
DB Methods is looking for exceptional talent in Vietnam.

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